Casting process

gold weight

Open a work order

Receiving material for refining at the reception. Magnetic testing and weighing of material in front of the customer in an analytical Sami weight, with Two digits after the decimal point precision. sort The material is at the professional discretion of the casting manager which also opens a work order on the computer.

melted metal


Quick melting in induction furnace with computerized thermal reading, and the addition of various chemicals that maximize the precious metals extraction. Mixing the metals and bringing it into a homogenous form. Casting the metal into a single block in front of the customer. All in a modern, perfumed, air-conditioned Casting room

gold mesuring device


Taking out a sample for laboratory testing in front of the Customer: Drilling with a poll drill On both sides, and mixing the material for a uniform sampling purpose. For maximum accuracy we do double testing to each block, when the customer is obligated to do only one test.

crushed gold

Laborotary tests

Chemical analysis in the cupellation method is the most precise and professional scientific method for evaluation of gold and silver content. The tests are conducted in our laboratory in a matter of hours. XRF-Analysis is carried according to the customer needs

filling report


The chemical test Results are reported within a few hours to the customer, and after approval the metal blocks work in the process of chemical distillation and turning them back into pure metal.

finetech delivery bags


Any material leaving our factory passes strict quality control and double weighing. We make a quick supply of gold and / or pure silver in granules or cans in all parts of the country according to the customer's instructions. Alternatively, there is an option to purchase the customer's refining products.