About us

A.S.Finetech (2014) LTD. was established by Avi Eliav, a veteran manufacturer and exporter in the Israeli jewelry industry, providing recycling and refining services for precious and semi-precious metals to any person or organization that wishes to maximize the production process and minimize the loss as much as possible. The production of the castings is carried out in the most advanced induction ovens in the world, in an air-conditioned and perfumed room. The metal bars are tested in the company’s metallurgical laboratory, Comparatives tests are conducted regularly in renowned laboratories abroad. We built our business model from a combination of professionalism, reliability and personal attention to each customer. This method helps us to provide the best services in the country and ensure that every customer will enjoy an international service experience and not just because of the espresso and free parking!

Meet the team

Avi Eliav

Avi Eliav

Founder & CEO

Mali Eliav

Mali Eliav

Customer Relations Manager

Ela abramov

Ela Abramov

Office Manager

Itzik Zaguri

Itzik Zaguri

Casting Manager

Nir gilad

Nir Gilad

Sales Manager

Dor Eliav

Dor Eliav

Marketing Director

Nir Eliav

Nir Eliav

Production and Operations Manager

Doron duak

Doron Doak

Sales Agent

Rotem Ben Gigi

Rotem Ben-Gigi

Assistant Office Manager


A.S.Finetech (2014) LTD. refining and recycling of precious metals

  • Phone: +9723-9108-999
  • Fax: +9723-9108-750
  • 6 Bahat st. Petah-Tikva, 4927149
  • [email protected]

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